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March 28, 2021

On March 28, 2021, we partnered with Asian Box, LifeMoves, and Abode Services to provide 100 hot meals, toiletry kits, and COVID-19 essentials to shelters and those in need across the San Fransisco Bay Area.

I'm Thomas - I'm a high school student from the SF Bay Area, and this is my younger brother.

COVID-19 has affected everyone around the world, and, as a remedy, the U.S Government has been sending out Economic Impact Payments (Stimulus checks) to people across the country. Unfortunately, the system doesn't work great - so I've been receiving stimulus checks in various amounts due to an error that the IRS themselves either doesn't want to or isn't capable of fixing.

Timothy pictured collecting boxes from our partner

I knew I wanted to give back to people that truly needed it - so, instead of donating the most recent round, I decided to find local partners and distribute these funds in a more hands-on, active, and engaged approach.

After researching useful items and contacting professionals involved with organizations such as Housing and Urban Development (HUD, U.S. Government) and LifeMoves, we created a "giving bag" - including a fresh, warm meal, a bottle of water, and 13 personal care/hygeine items.


$1 - We're one step closer to our next distribution
$5 - One hygiene kit for our next distribution
$7 - One catered, hot meal for a shelter or camp
$12 - One full help kit.

$1400 - One hundred kits - power our next adventure.

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